Legal notice

Distributors:Thty Five Summers Co., Ltd.
location:Thirty Five Summers Co., Ltd., 111-0052, Taito Ward, Tokyo Yanagi Bridge 1-chome-2-12, Yanagi Bridge M Building 3F, Japan
telephone number:03-5825-3588
Sales quantity:Please check with each product page.
Explanation of rates other than the product price:Shipping fee: Purchase product total more than 10,000 yen or more
If it is less than 10,000 yen, 1100 yen nationwide (100 yen for tax)
Payment method and payment deadline:Credit settlement (VISA · MasterCard · JCB · AMEX · DINERSCLUB), deadlineIt will be within 7 days after ordering. If there is no payment for 7 days after ordering, you will be able to automatically cancel your order as you do not intend to buy.
Product delivery time:Usually, we will arrange shipping in 7 business dates after ordering. However, if the order is concentrated, there may be a delay due to the stock status etc. Please note that shipping work has not been dispatched daily (every Tuesday and New Year holiday).
Service name:Art Kichijoji / A'R2415 Kichijoji