Shipping policy

■ About shipping

Shipping: National uniform 1100Circle

Tax excluded10,000Free shipping if you purchase over a circle 

※ For purchase from overseas, we will pay all the costs that take care of the product (shipping, tariffs, etc.).

For purchases from overseas, customs and other import taxes, and customs fees may be imposed at the time of commencement in the counseling country.

In that case, all customers will be borne by the customer, so please pay directly to the delivery person when delivering.

Guidelines and policies for customs clearance differ from country to country. For more information, please contact your customs customs.


■ About delivery method

Sagawa Express


■ About dispatch of goods

In the case of Japan, usually order7We will deliver it after business days. However, if your order is concentrated, depending on the stock situation, it may not be delivered. In addition, please note that we do not have shipping work for regular holidays (every Tuesday and New Year holiday).

Normally after receiving your order7We will ship before and after the day. Delivery desired date7You can choose from day after day. In the case of no desired date, it will be shipped at the shortest, and it may arrive earlier than the desired date.

If delivery is delayed, we will contact you separately.