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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[RMFB] Six MONTH WS Synthetic Tweed Down Cardigan for Woman / OLIVE

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Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Suggested India Downline [6 MONTH COLLECTION / Six Month Collection],It is a new generation downwear that can be worn for six months, which is half of the inner and outer. This series designed for ladies.

◆ About fabric
The appearance of wool, the composition is used in the surface, and the composition is used as a polyester new material "Synthetic Tweed". It is a special material that is hard to become a hairball, so it can be worn without hesitation.

◆ About down
Since the down clothing falls down in the quilt, the lateral quilt is common, but it enables vertical quilt by using the highest quality European white duckdown with high fill power. 90% down and 10% feather.

About design
Classic Impression Cardigan Type Design.

This item is available in different colors.
Cardigan / Coat, please consider.

Material: Syn-Tweed 100%
SIZE: 7/8 (XS-S) / 9/10 (S-M)
Origin: JAPAN