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Rocky Mountain Featherbed


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This is the rocky Mountain feather bed in the mountain perka.The use of a cotton nylon dough in honor of the material at that time was used to make the material more than it was.As is the case with Leather Yorke, the air quality is improved and the function surface is improved, and it is proud to have good storage capacity.


About the dough
In 1974, he aimed at nylon, which was successful in the development of more dough than at that time, using a sleeper, waterproof, and moisture with a sleeper.It is a touch-lanylon finish in the tone of Cotton, and it is a uniform that can be experienced in the presence of the atmosphere of the time.

Down (feathers)
Down is a water-repelluple-down in Europe.It is a weakness in the normal down, but it is a weakness in the fact that the water is wet, but it can be used to keep the water from the down itself, and to maintain its temperature even in bad weather conditions.Down 90 % Fesar 10 % is the most exquisite of the 700FP, with a high temperature of 700FP.

About the Leather York
The leather is a combination of tannin and chrome.Due to dyeing dye, it is also a highly durable leather service, leaving the original natural atmosphere of leather.

About Specifications
Eri: A high collar helps prevent severe wind.
Beppoocket: Available as a handwamer, pockets are ideal for putting items with high frequency of use, such as small objects.
Koshi Pocket: The double-structure pockets are the specifications of the flaps and the handwamers and all the specifications on the side.
Internal pockets: the pockets on both sides of the back are fastener with fasnas.
Map pocket: Many people think that the presence of pockets on the back is a mystery.The body is a map pocket.This is a pocket for the bank to walk in the back of the street.
Hood: It's a warm, tight food that's stuck in it.
DRAW CODE: Food, West, and Hem (hem) can be used to respond to a variety of scenes by adjusting the code.

Color Details
Location: Bordeaux Green
Back ground: mustard
York: Yellow

Fabric: Water Proof Nylon
Color: Green
SIZE: 36/38/40/42/44/46/48