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Rocky Mountain Featherbed


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Locky Mountain Feather Bed's Grand Teton / Grand Titon Collection. It is a line that is named Grand Teton, which is the highest peak of the Locky Mountains, and does not compromise materials and making, and is a line that develops the finest items.

This item is an excellent thing that can be attached to the Rocky Mountain Feather Bed Grand Teton M51 Jacket and Vintage M51 Field Jacket. If you are cold in vintage sotton, you can not bring M51, as well as an outer, it can be used as a liner for your jacket.

※ This product is a product that researches our archive, so depending on the age of your vintage M51 shell, the position of the button may be slightly slipped. If such a case occurs, it will be possible to attach it by shifting the button position of the shell, so please bring it to RMFB directly managed stores or consult with the recruiting restaurant.

Fabric (outer) is 15 Denyl lipstop nylon,700fp Use European White Duck Down. It boasts a solid warmth with a single body.

Item: GT Down Liner Jacket for M51
SIZE: S / M / L / XL
Origin: Made In Japan