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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

【RMFB 2021 FW】 MC Jacket / Gold

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Locky Mountain Feather Bed's Grand Teton / Grand Titon Collection. It is a line that is named Grand Teton, which is the highest peak of the Locky Mountains, and does not compromise materials and making, and is a line that develops the finest items.

◆ About fabric

The surface and lining use 70 denier original nylon tafuta developed during RMFB revival. Vintage was studied and faithfully reprinted and produced more quality beyond the time.

This Nylon Tafa has a down pack function, allowing a three-layer structure of [Fabric / Feather / Fabric], and lighter, heat retention (ability to maintain human body temperature) was significantly UP.

◆ Down (feathers)

Use water repellent down from European down to down. It is a weak point that the heat retention force is lowered when it gets wet in water, but the down itself is water repellent and the specification that can maintain the heat retention force even with bad weather.

Down 90% Exquisite percentage of feathered percentage of feather He has a high heat retention of 700 fP.

◆ About down (feather) products
Certain breathability is required to take advantage of feathers. Therefore, feather blowout can not be avoided.

◆ Color details
Square: Gold
Lining: Apricot

Brand: RMFB Grand Teton
Item: GT MC Jacket
Fabric: 70D Nylon Taffeta
RIB: Wool 50% COTTON 50%
Fill Power: 700 fP
SIZE: 36/38/40/42/44/46
Origin: Made In Japan