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Rocky Mountain Featherbed


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Typical nylon vest also said the face of the Rocky Mountain Feather Bed "Heritage line".

For the dough ◆
Outer, use the original nylon taffeta of 70 denier, which was developed at the time of RMFB revival in the lining.To study the vintage faithfully reprinted, it has created a quality further more than at that time.

This nylon taffeta, has blessed the functions of the down pack,To allow a three-layer structure of the fabric / feather / fabric],Lightness, extra insulation (the ability to maintain the human body temperature) has been significantly UP.

◆ with down (feathers)
The down using a water-repellent down European production.Is usually down is the weakness that results in lowered and extra insulation wet with water,Multiplied by the water-repellent down itself, it was realized the specification that can maintain the extra insulation even in bad weather.

Exquisite proportion of down that down 90% feather 10% he is proud of the high insulation power of 700FP.

◆ About leather yoke
Leather combination tanning tannins and chromium.By the dyed, while leaving the original natural texture leather, it has become a high durability leather.

About Mouton ◆
Using the American origin of Mouton.If Tatere the collar thing good of not need muffler.

About ◆ Specifications
Hand Warmer: West pocket hand warmers. Has become a two-layer, it is possible to continue the warmth of the hand with peace of mind by putting divided the room, such as metals.
Inside pocket: perfect for put away your precious items that can not be a drop left in the breast pocket with a zipper.

◆ color details
Surface: Yellow
Lining: Light Orange
York: Light Brown

Brand: Rocky Mountain Featherbed
Product Down Vest
Fabric: 70D Nylon taffeta
Color: Yellow
Fill Power: 700FP
SIZE: 36/38/40/42/44/46/48
ORIGIN: Made in Japan