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【Anatomica】 618 Marilyn

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Women Jeans, 618 Marilyn.

A very deep crotch feature that Malillin Monroe, who is actressed by Marilyn Monroe, has become a model, a very deep crotch. It is a one-piece fix that has been revised over and over again to create a vintage jeans owned by Teramoto of our representative and creating a beautiful silhouette, and completed over a year after the concept.

The most cute position of the waist is the waist position and draws a rounded silhouette from the squeezed waist to the bottom. Direct women, rounded hips. Because the upper crotch is very deep, there is a room around the butt and a room around the thigh, it is also characteristic that it is easy to wear without choosing a body shape.

Pink stitches of Serbitch (where the end of the fabric can not be welcome, the commonly known "ear") is also faithfully reproduced the original. Pink stitches that appear to be rolled up create facial expressions.

The belt loop places a leather patch with "A" stamped.

The fabric is thinner than the general denim and lighter ounges with a lighter fader. It is very easy to move, stressful.

Fabric: 100% COTTON
Color: Indigo One Wash
Size: 22/23/24/25/26/27/28/29/30
Origin: JAPAN