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【Anatomica】 Beach Cloth Vest / Navy

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Items essential to wardrobe, beach cross vest.
Beach Cross is a wool × cotton material that exists in the United States, and it is a highly heat-retained material that was used for winding and cold clothes before the fallen material such as cotton and down.
At the time of reproducing this dough, Pierre and Teramoto completed trial and error with the production team.

An original dot button with an anatomica A stamped an elegant silhouette with an exquisite shaped west. There is a material name of Beach Cloth on the back of the body.

It is a two-color development of a solid pepper with an unevenness, called a commonly known sesame salt. Please consider SALT PEPPER (Salt Pepper).

Fabric: 65% Wool 35% COTTON
Size: 34 (Ladeis One) / 36/38/40/42/44/46/48