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Anatoma's autumn and winter standard items, thermal.

Thermal is a practical item that continues to be adopted by armifiers in each country as a cold protection. Military thermal is originally made as an undershirt, but it is a beautiful silhouette that it is also assumed to wear an Anatomica's thermal with one piece. It does not pick up the lines of the body, and it will be a single piece. A chilly time is one piece, and it can be worn by sweat and knitwear as an inner in midwinter.

It is a very warm, soft and comfortable to wear, with high heat retractability, with a thick and stretchable fabric. It is an orthodox fabric that can be seen in the old age from the waffle area, called the honeycomb land. Previously made America, but the material is made in Japan.

Anatomica tags are placed in the left hem. Design military-specific millspec tags and accent.

Fabric: 100% COTTON
Color: NAVY / Natural
Size: XS / S / M / L / XL
Origin: JAPAN