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[BIG YANK] U54 CHAMOIS Shirts / Yellow

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A bright shirt appears from Big Yank.

The material is using CHMOIS (Chamoa) that brushed the cotton area.
Chamois, which was also used in the outdoor brand as a substitute for wool shirt, is also excellent in cold and heat retention.In addition, it is possible to wear even one piece because it is very good that it does not hit the skin like wool.Because it is a durable material with 100% cotton, it is also possible to feel free to wash at home,It is a good place for Chamois shirt.

Box silhouette and a simplified deter 1950s workshirt.You can also wear an open collar shirt if one button is out of one from above.

And this vivid color.Unfortunately for any dough manufacturer, there was no brilliant color Chamois production,Commitment to vivid colors that existed in Vintage, it is a wonderful shirt produced from the fabric.

The color is two colors of yellow and orange.

Fabric: 100% COTTON
Color: Yellow / Orange
Size:XS / S / M / L / XL
Origin: JAPAN