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Rocky Mountain Featherbed

[RMFB 21FW] Mountain Parka / Red

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RMFB founders who graduated from NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) utilizing their experience and survival skills, and quickly adopted waterproof materials that were high-tech materials at the time of 1974, and one sheet leather yoke specification mountain Completed the parka.

◆ About fabric
Three Leyayer Nylon, which combines waterproofness and moisture permeability.It is a cotton tustan-nanylon finish, and it is a single arrival that can be experienced in the case of the texture of the time.

◆ About Leather York
Leather is a combination of tannins and chromium.By dyeing dyeing, it is a leather that is also highly durable while leaving the original natural texture.

◆ About specification
Koji: The wind is a great enemy that takes a body temperature, but the high collar prevents such a tough wind.
Chest pocket: The pocket of the pocket with the right hand is the right hand, an outdoor man pocket that is easy to use with the left hand.
Waist Pocket: Double Structure Pocket Flaps Hand Warmer from Cargo, Side.
Inside pocket: The pocket attached to the lining with fasteners.
Map Pocket: A pocket for a companion walking behind places a map.
Food: Hidden hidden hidden in the engross. It is cool to get out when it gets raining.
Draw Code: Draw Code with Food, West, Hem (Hem). Supports various scenes by adjusting.

◆ Color details
Eagged: Red
Lining: Tan
York: Yellow

Fabric: Water Proof Nylon
Size: 36/38/40/42/44/46/48
Origin: JAPAN
※ Down (feather) is not included in this product.