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A'r2415 / アール吉祥寺

[RMFC 23FW] 6m Jacket / Olive

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Ultra -lightweight down jacket that can be worn for a long period of 6 months.
In winter, it is a down jacket that can be used widely as an inner, an outerwear in autumn and early spring.

The silhouette is compact with a moderately relaxed feeling and a slightly shorter length.
With a collar, the cold protection is outstanding. Even if you combine it with a short -length outer, such as a jacket, the coordination is neatly organized.
The front is opened and closed with a snap button, and the front is equipped with three pockets and is outstanding.

Vertical quilt structure with beautiful vertical lines. It is a vertical quilt structure that is considered difficult because the down falls down due to gravity,
It is realized by a high down pack without a down pack, depending on the high down pack and the compounding rate.

In addition, it is easy to carry because it can be stored compactly.
It is a convenient first place that can be taken for travel and outdoors. (Dedicated bags are not included.)

Fabric: 100%NYLON
Fill Power: 700fp
Color: Beige / OLINE / BLACK
Size: 36/38/40/42/44/46/48
Origin: Japan