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[Yankshire] Fatigue Pants 1960S US Vintage Sateen

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The design source is US Army Fatigi Pants (separate name: baker pants).

The waist is arranged on the waist, with a tab arranged on the waist while keeping the straight silhouette for soldiers.The buttocks are large flaps, the front part is button fry specifications, and the specifications of the 60's are reproduced.It is a special one that you can feel the meaning of YANKSHIRE.

The fabric uses a US dead stock satin and is outstanding in both textures.

Why don't you wear it more and more and enjoy your vintage?

・ Back satin area of ​​US dead stock
・ Side seam with front high
・ One belt
・ Thin belt loop
・ Large back pocket and flap
・ The hem is 4 cm tapping stitch
・ Washing natural drying shrinks of about 1 mm and inseam 1 mm.
* Dimensions may differ depending on the condition at the time of washing. Please note in advance.

Fabric: US DeadStock Sateen (Cotton 100%)
Color: Olive
Size: 28/30/32/34/36/38